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About Our Company

Welcome to Khuana’s World, a place where passion meets talent. Work for us is all about excitement and is always super fun because we value artistry.

Our founder, Omoakhuana Anthonia Imoisili, (Khuana for short), is a stickler for creativity and innovation. She loves basking in new ideas; rebranding in her mind’s eye and these ideas she converts to projects. She is a fun-loving individual who has successfully transformed her passion to creation.

Rebranded from D’Phinix Hub, Khuana’s World is a company with three independent arms of business - Content Development, Ideation, and African Creative Arts. This company was birthed out of the desire to create a significant impact in the world using some of the finest tools with the magic to perform - Writing, Ideas and Arts.
We exist to bring newness, originality and inventiveness to old ideas. We are creative thinkers that take pleasure in breaking new grounds and bringing about new concepts.

Be it a business or an individual, we believe every brand has a voice and this is often expressed uniquely. Hence, we creatively think out of the box, putting a personal and effectual touch on every project we work on, thus giving our clients wonderful unique experiences that keeps them coming back for more.


I heartily welcome and thank you for taking time to visit my world. Whether you are a creative person, a fan of innovation and ideas, a lover of African creative arts, a reader, writer, author or even just passing by….whether you are a first time visitor or a returnee, I really appreciate your visit and enjoin you to feel free to browse through as much as you like.

I am a lover of love - all things colourful, unique, creative…in a nutshell, everything beautiful appeals to me. I explore my child-like self to the fullest and easily get bored with the “regular” norms of life. I like to keep things spicy, interesting and always super fun. I love originality because it makes me feel like the only version of me and infusing it in my works is my way of making my mark in the history of time.

I always feel there are new and unique ways to do things and that is one of my strongest motivation. I established this company as an avenue to share my new self with the world and to show the possibility that you can become anything you choose to be.

Did I mention I am a cartoon lover?

Bask in the freedom of life and press the golden buzzer everyday. Life is beautiful.

Again, I thank you for stopping by. Kindly peruse through the entire site and I hope you like what you see.
Hey! Don’t leave without purchasing any of our items. You are welcome to thank me later.

Our Tagline

Where creativity is nothing but fun!

Our Mission Statement

To impart value which creates top-notch impact.

Our Vision Statement

To be the go-to resource company for quality content writing services, innovative ideas and beautiful African arts.

Our Core Value

• Create fun while you work
• Be open-minded, creative and innovative
• Break the walls of your comfort zone and be daring
• Think big. Dream big.
• Let your every word and action be preceded by a smile
• Build open and honest relationships through Communication
• Be passionate and committed
• Impact quality value and positive change
• Deliver knockout Excellent and Quality Services
• Honesty, Accountability is indispensable