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The Forte: A Guide to Building a Beautiful Mind and Spirit

The Forte: A Guide to Building a Beautiful Mind and Spirit is a book that shows you how you can have ALL YOU EVER WANT IN LIFE and the beautiful success you can make of yourself.

That amazing, fun, exciting and interesting life we all crave and desire, is right there within our grasp. The only thing putting it out of reach is our limited mindset. Your mind is your most powerful tool ever and how you use it can either be to your advantage or disadvantage. Your mind is the determinant of whether you ace it or flunk it in your life, career, finances, and all other aspects of life.

It is your mind that keeps you chained to poverty or hands you the key to the treasure chest. Your perception is borne out of the kind of mindset or mentality you have.
Wayne Dyer did say, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.


Yes! Read that again!!!!!

Preview: https://soundcloud.com/omon-anthonia-imoisili/the-forte-a-guide-to-building-a-beautiful-mind-and-spirit

Totus Tuus Author: Omoakhuana Anthonia Imoisili

How beautiful is life? Just for a second, allow yourself to be enveloped by the beauty of creation - imagine the wonderful trees, the beautiful fragrance from blossomed flowers, the crystal clear waters of the sea, the gentle caress of the breeze across our skin.

How about the great things in life which are free - family, friends, smiles, laughter, joy, peace, love, happiness etc.? Life is fun! Life is interesting! Life is a gift! Do not just exist but truly live your life. It takes great courage to really live and contrary to what we may think, we sure have the courage to live as we are stronger than we think.

This book helps us to understand that breaking away from the norms of the society doesn't mean the death of us. Instead, the very point when we actually do this, is when we actually begin living our lives. This book encourages us to be the best of who we are and to live life to the fullest so we will have no regrets. Let us live for today. Today, this moment is what we have.

Ekwensu’s Harvest Author: Andrew Ifeatu Jennifer

What would you do if you were to witness the African Igbo deities speak, laugh, eat, love and feel pain?

Ekwensu’s Harvest explores the rich culture of the Igbo and the life of the pantheons. This is an intriguing story of love and betrayal. It’s a tale of Africans by an African for Africans and the whole world.

Link of this particular book is https://okadabooks.com/book/about/ekwensu_s_harvest/24348

Reality of Time Author: Jide Agboola

This cuts across everywhere and the major point we are hitting on is time management. It has to do with environment; our environment constitutes time wastage. We measure our growth and progress using our achievements based on time. Everything we essentially do is wrapped up in time – past, present and the future. So, we cant underestimate the importance of time in our lives.

“Everyday, hours are spent and when accounted for, we discover that there are opportunities we have wasted. When somebody is in a wrong career, it’s a waste of time. The speed is useless in a very wrong direction. If you have not been doing what you are supposed to do, then, definitely, you are wasting your time. It takes grace to turn back from that path you are following, to the right path

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