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Content Development

Good content is crucial to the success of whatever business you run especially in this modern times when almost every company has a web presence. As qualified Writers and Editors, we develop quality contents as well as edit manuscripts and articles given us to not only suit the needs of our clients but also optimized for search engines and also appeals to the audience.. We take complete advantage of our meticulous knacks and 100% confidence in our abilities to develop articles for different purposes such as blog write-ups, research articles, proposals etc. We also design quotes which you can use as a design on any product such as T-Shirts, Face caps, etc.

Content Ideation

This segment is created to proffer solutions to specific needs of the society by developing practicable and doable solutions that would create maximum impact in the lives of the African people. This arm is established to create a common ground for creative thinkers (ideators) and the outside world, thereby serving as a means to bridge the gap between these ideators and the specific companies or individuals, in need of their ideas. Companies in different industries are often in need of ideas that will not only help them grow but also give them a financial boost. In the light of this, great ideas with practicable and realistic ways of achieving them is sure to catch the attention of such companies who would have to pay for it before they can use it. This platform therefore serves as a win-win platform for both creative thinkers who gain financially for their ideas and business owners who get new ways to enhance productivity and improve their bottom line.

African Creative Arts

Using scraps and recycled materials, we produce unique arts and design them with beautiful African Ankara and beads to display our rich cultural heritage and to bring Africa to the world using these products. We love the beauty of nature and the environment and in contribution to the campaign to save Mother Earth, we promote healthy environments using the recycle process to create beautiful art designs from domestic scraps we discard in our homes. As lovers of love and happiness, we are in the business of Creative Memory Preservation which is more than putting pictures in an album and we make your every beautiful moment into a story that can be kept for even future generations. We keep your story alive using digital and physical scrapbooks and other designs such as quilts. With such creativity, we keep your story, love and relationships ever green and feisty.

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